"A Fragment of Memory II" by Gordana Špoljar Andrašić in Gallery Prsten

On Thursday, January 26, 2023, an exhibition by Koprivnica artist Gordana Špoljar Andrašić was opened in the Prsten Gallery (Home of the HDLU/Meštrović Pavilion) in Zagreb, on the eve of the International Day of Remembrance for the Victims of the Holocaust.

Kultur Flux • February 2023.


Microscopic observation of nature through a cycle of watercolors by the artist Gordana Špoljar Andrašić

Independent artist Gordana Špoljar Andrašić opened the spring cycle of exhibitions in the Koprivnica Gallery with her exhibition "Arbor Vitae", and you can see it until Monday, June 19. The artist, who is also a native of Koprivnica, graduated in art history and ethnology at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Zagreb.

Jutarnji list • June 2023.


Green exhibition by Gordana Špoljar Andrašić

In the exhibition hall of the Međimurje Museum in Čakovec today, March 25. at 6 p.m., the exhibition of Gordana Špoljar Andrašić, entitled Green and the space between, was opened. Maja Flajsig, art historian from Zagreb, wrote the foreword for the catalog and opens the exhibition together with Maša Hrustek Sobočan, director of the Museum.

Međimurske novine • March 2022.


Angels carry hope, optimism and positive energy in these difficult times

Gordana Špoljar Andrašić marked this year with two major exhibitions in Koprivnica and Zadar. The exhibition A fragment of memory focused on the research of one's own identity, the meaning of existence and the deceitfulness of memory, personal as well as collective. 

Glas Podravine i Prigorja • December 2020.


Solo exhibition "Lost in Time" by Koprivnica artist Gordana Špoljar Andrašić

The exhibition presents the author's exploration of her own identity and the meaning of existence and the deceptiveness of memory, both personal and collective. This exhibition is especially dedicated to the theme of childhood and virginity in which she sees the beginnings of our search for our own identity… 

Jutarnji list • September 2020.


Gordana Špoljar Andrašić exhibits in the synagogue on the occasion of the European Day of Jewish Culture

In the Koprivnica synagogue, the Cultural Center prim. dr. Krešimir Švarc, this Saturday, September 5, at 6 pm, the solo exhibition of the Koprivnica artist Gordana Špoljar Andrašić Okrhak memorije II opens. The exhibition is held on the occasion of the European Jewish Culture Day…

ePodravina • September 2020.


Memorabilia, an exhibition in honor of those who are no longer with us, opened in the old morgue

On the eve of All Saints' Day, the exhibition Memorabilia by the artist Gordana Špoljar Andrašić was opened today in the old Koprivnica morgue. Since April 2017, the Koprivnica City Cemetery Pri Sveti Duhu has been a member of the Association of Famous Cemeteries of Europe.

ePodravina • September 2020.


"Koprivnica is a city tailored to every human being, but care should be taken that inherited values are not destroyed"

Gordana Špoljar Andrašić is an artist from Koprivnica born in 1965 in Molve. She graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb with a degree in art history and ethnology. She is a member of the Croatian Association of Independent Artists and the Croatian Society of Fine Artists in Zagreb…

ePodravina • November 2017.


A solo exhibition by Gordana Špoljar Andrašić was opened at the Gallery and her art book was presented

A solo exhibition was opened at the Koprivnica Gallery on Friday, and Gordana Špoljar Andrašić's art book entitled Memorabilia was presented. Izložbu je otvorio pročelnik Upravnog odjela za društvene djelatnosti i europske poslove Darko Ledinski.

ePodravina • November 2017.


An exhibition by the artist Gordana Špoljar Andrašić opened in Dubrovnik

The exhibition and opus of the painter Gordana Špoljar Andrašić were presented by the young art historian and art critic Ivan Viđen. An exhibition of paintings by Gordana Špoljar Andrašić entitled Memorabilia Ragusa opened last night, September 7, at the Sebastian Gallery in Dubrovnik.

ePodravina • September 2016.


Exhibition of paintings by Gordana Špoljar Andrašić ‘Memorabilia Ragusa’ opened

An exhibition of paintings by Gordana Špoljar Andrašić entitled "Memorabilia Ragusa" opened last night, September 7 at the Sebastian Gallery. At the opening of the exhibition, visitors were greeted by the owner of the Sebastian Gallery Andreja Dujić, and the exhibition and opus were presented by young…

Dubrovački dnevnik • September 2016.


Exhibition by Gordana Špoljar Andrašić "Drawings, Manuscripts" on the occasion of the International Literacy Day

On the occasion of September 8, International Literacy Day, Koprivnica painter Gordana Špoljar Andrašić presented Koprivnica with a look at pictures and words in the city center. In the windows of the Koprivnica library, passers-by can rest their eyes and enjoy the exhibition that celebrates the letter…

ePodravina • September 2015.


Solo exhibition by Gordana Špoljar Andrašić in France

Koprivnica-based painter Gordana Špoljar Andrašić presents a sound installation and works from the Memorabiliar cycle at the Abbaye d’Alspach gallery in the French province of Alsace. The exhibition opens on Friday and will run until October 19th.

ePodravina • September 2014.


Gordana Špoljar Andrašić's exhibition at the Synagogue delighted visitors

At the opening of the exhibition, visitors were greeted by visual, light and audio effects that, together with the art exhibits, created an almost magical atmosphere, leaving no one indifferent. Famous artistic name, candlelight and curiosity attracted a large number of visitors…

ePodravina • September 2014.


Koprivnica artist Špoljar Andrašić introduces herself to the Zagreb audience

The famous Koprivnica artist Gordana Špoljar Andrašić has won over many art lovers around the world, and now she is preparing to do the same at the Vladimir Filakovac Gallery in Zagreb. The local audience will be impressed by the exhibition of paintings entitled "Memorabilia II".

ePodravina • February 2014.


Gordana Špoljar Andrašić – Memorabiliar II (24. 2. – 13. 3. 2014.)

In the last few years, Gordana Špoljar Andrašić has made a radical change in her artistic sensibility and thinking. From a kind of poetic realism, extremely convincingly symbolically and metaphorically elaborated motifs of trees and forests…

Narodno sveučilište Dubrava • February 2014.