Biography of the artist

Gordana Špoljar Andrašić

is an independent artist from Koprivnica, Croatia. She graduated from University of Zagreb Humanities and Social Studies, with a degree in Art History and Ethnology. She is a member of the Croatian Association of Independent Artists (HZSU), the Croatian Society of Visual Artists Zagreb (HDLU) and the Atelier Koprivnica (AK). Two books have been written about her: "Gordana Špoljar Andrašić" by art historian Draženka Jalšić Ernečić in 2003, and the art book "Memorabiliar" by art historian and curator Iva Körbler, published by Museum of the City of Koprivnica in 2017.

The artist always presents her creativity, creation and restlessness with new cycles in which she tries to convey her own dialogues between intimate, internal reading from within and the real, external understanding of the world and nature. Her artistic expression was crystallized from the personal visual poetics she was constructing, intertwining the concrete and the abstract, presenting to us an intimate, associative and symbolic reading of natural appearances. This expression is carried by her researching nerve and unrest, her need to bridge the limits of the traditional in the realm of the image, to give voice to the matter in a different way. In doing so, the artist thoroughly immersed herself in seeking and finding reasons for her own existence, in an almost silent way present the so-called another view that may seem to us both stable and fragile, both close and distant. Gordana Špoljar Andrašić has presented her art at more than 60 solo exhibitions, in Croatia and abroad. Her artworks were also exhibited at numerous group exhibitions, both domestically and internationally.

The artist was awarded and nominated for her work (2021. Nomination in the category of drawings at the 8th International Biennial of Miniature Art, Russia, Bulgaria; Audience Award at the exhibition "They are here", Slavko Kopač Gallery of Fine Arts, Vinkovci; 2017. Commendation in the category drawings at the First Salon of Miniature Art "Rijeka mini art").

She is also the author of numerous illustrations for literary works (2020. Božica Jelušić "Sandboy"; 2019. Mirna Weber, "The Jericho Rose"; 2015. Zlatko Sudeta, "The Great Civic Cookbook"; 2012. Zdravko Seleš, "Elegies of Sigismund Ernušt"; 1988. Božica Jelušić, "Belladonna") and leader of creative workshops for children.


Art book "Memorabiliar"

The book "Memorabiliar" by Iva Körbler was published in 2017 by the Museum of the Town of Koprivnica.